Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Sooo... How's it going?

The most frequently asked question these days! Honestly it's going well, better than I expected most of the time. She is a two year old and she is smart and fun and funny and we love her. She's a pretty good lite sleeper and we're finding more and more success with potty training everyday!

Big brother is also doing well, he's had a few moments of, "does anybody even know I'm here!?!" Which broke my heart, but he is the most adoring big brother I've ever seen and watching their little relationship grow makes my heart full! He's super helpful and can carry a conversation which is helpful to my sanity most of the time. He does love to be affectionate and she would rather have personal space from anybody except me.

Attachment feels like it's going well most days and I've realized I haven't gotten to explain to everyone why they can't just scoop up our sweet girl. Here's why: she is learning who her mommy and daddy are. We met her only a month ago and haven't had the chance to be consistant for her as long as she's needed yet to realize that we are her forever people. I read recently that when a child comes home, their emotional attachment to their parents begins at age 0. So even though she's 2, she's learning that we will always be the ones to feed her, make her safe, and loved. That's why even though it feels awkward we've asked everyone to let us be the only ones to hold her, pick her up, or give her anything (literally in her hands :)) for the first little while, a few months probably. We have such an incredible family and community that it's hard to be patient and wait for her to develop those relationships too. But for her best interest, this is what we're doing. We'll let people know when it's ok because we can't wait for her to know how widely she's loved! In the meantime we're doing our best to show her!

I'll hopefully have a chance to update about the final stages of our adoption and our trip another day.

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